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Branding and Promotional Designer

The YEG Reconnect initiative by REACH Edmonton is a spin-off of their Resource Connect event. YEG Reconnect gives local organizations the chance to network and discover new collaborations.

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The Brand

I built on the original Resource Connect concept by exchanging the metaball shape to a rounded rectangle. Visually, the connection between the circular ends of the shape have strengthened and unified. The branding also includes uplifting connective lines and circles. The brand voice and colours are joyful, yet professional.

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The Invitations

Currently, the most popular way for nonprofits to share about upcoming events is by emailing a pdf version of the event poster. The poster must be sized appropriately for ease of use. For some events, stylish e-invites that mimic paper RSVPs add extra flair.

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The Social Media

YEG Reconnect invites non-profits from across Edmonton to gather and network at their monthly Evenings of Presentations and other events.

Continually promoting events on social media leads ton ew and repeat event attendees.

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The Audience

The Reconnect team responds to community feedback to make events as successful as possible.
One issue event attendees have had is finding the event venue and parking. In response, I created a custom map and easy-to-use directional graphic to be sent out with event reminder emails.

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