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Edmonton Resource
Connect 2022

Promotional Materials Designer

Resource Connect by REACH Edmonton is an event that brings together a community of over 90 agencies from diverse sectors of Edmonton. Politicians, community leaders, volunteers, and the public are warmly invited to participate. The event aims to explore new ways to fill gaps in service pathways and uncover opportunities for collaboration.

As the designer for the 2022 event promotional materials, I conceptualized the logo and aesthetic as well as created all signage, posters, social media graphics, and an Exhibitor Handbook.

Logo & Brand Concept

To relay the networking aspect of the event, I used a metaball motif. The metaball shape inherently explores the connection between units. It tiles together like a puzzle: a perfect metaphor for the way community service providers fill gaps for collective needs. It also has an inviting bounciness and flow. I complimented the motif with a rounded, modern typeface - Nunito.


RC_22 Portfolio 01 Logo & Concept 05.png

Promo Posters and Social Media Graphics

Well-designed digital graphics were an essential facet of the event promotion.

I mixed an enthusiastic colour scheme with a professional modernism to show followers they had an exciting event to look forward to.

To maximize the benefits of attending for exhibitors, a 17-page Exhibitor Handbook was created. Exhibitors had easy access to information on setup times, important contacts, and more with this document. The aesthetic of the handbook matches other materials, but is minimal in comparison. With so much information to convey, a bold simplicity worked best. With REACH Edmonton's permission, you can see a modified version here!

Exhibitor Handbook

RC_22 Portfolio 03 Exhibitor Guidebook 02.png

Event Signage

As Edmonton Public Libraries already serve as gathering places for the community, the downtown location made a great venue for Resource Connect.

For the in-person event, I created over 15 signs of various sizes to ensure ease of navigation for attendees, as well as branded nametags and booth name plates for exhibitors.

RC_22 Portfolio 04 Event Signage 01.png
RC_22 Portfolio 04 Event Signage 02.png
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