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The NAIT BTech degree has been developed to bridge the gap between careers in technology and management. Students build a strong technical background, adding leadership and critical-thinking skills necessary for management and supervisory roles. The BTECH Capstone show is an annual event celebrating the achievements of students in this program.

In 2020, my work was chosen to represent this event. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2022 Portfolio BTech 01.png

Promotional Materials Designer

Capstone 2020

2022 Portfolio BTech 05.png

The Brief

Posters, postcards, a program template, and tagline were required for this project. I came up with the tagline "Passion and Calibre" after hearing the BTech department head speak  emphatically about the compassion and ingenuity the 2020 BTech grads possessed.

Print & Digital Formats

When I heard the graphics would mostly be used in digital formats, I chose

a colour with a lustre that is captured best with pixels: orange. It adds a warm, glowing punch in contrast with NAIT's blue branding. I also tested it to ensure it would print properly.

2022 Portfolio BTech 03.png
2022 Portfolio BTech 02.png


In "Passion + Calibre" tagline, I switched between multiple typefaces to ensure legibility while providing a futuristic aesthetic. For details about the time and location of the show, I used an abnormal formatting developed to emphasize the most important parts of the information
at a glance.

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