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Founder, Administrator, Designer

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The Logo

The MYA logo and colours embrace a vibrant, juvenile aesthetic. Illustrators are often influenced by pop culture media such as western cartoons, video games, and anime that feature bright colours and cute characters. I wanted to create a logo that would immediately feel welcoming to creators who love these forms of storytelling - often considered "childish" in other spaces.

The Social Media

Social media is an important tool to keep members updated about events and more. We also use it to promote members to the general public and recruit artists through informative posts. In addition to posting our own announcements, we share about local markets and other organizations.

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The Branding

For branding imagery, I went with sticker-like graphics. Stickers are an ubiquitous ware among artist tables at markets, conventions, and more.


I also came up with a mascot - a shape-shifting cat named Maude. Maude allows for communal storytelling and is algorithm-friendly on social networks.

For colours, I used pastels that represent the nostalgia of cartoons and draw upon the widespread influence of anime subcultures. The vivid pink and black also add a modern edge.

Your illustration community.

I used WIX to create a functional, easy-to-update website. It was important to use a hosting service that allowed for easy collaboration and updating for our growing team.

The website makes sharing and enjoying art accessible to everyone. Artists can show off their style in a virtual artist alley, upload work to a communal gallery, check meetup dates, and more. Appreciators can stay updated on a variety of exciting events around the city, find the perfect artist to complete a project, and post questions and commission requests on a forum.

Click here to check it out!

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