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2022 Portfolio BushmanBen 4.png

Bushman Ben

Logo Design

Bushman Ben is an upcoming social media entertainer from the Edmonton area. He's worked in various blue-collar jobs and even starred in a safety video or two.

On the road to becoming a TikTok star, he commissioned a vector logo that would illustrate his down-to-earth personality and 'Average Joe' experience.

As the logo would mostly be used digitally for videos
and social media profiles, the client and I came to the conclusion to use a colourful, detailed logo for
maximum effect.

Text Logo

The text aspect of the logo doubles as a separate logo for versatility.


'Bushman' is meant to look varied and choppy, as if cut out somewhat clumsily with an axe. The green colour and rough aesthetic of 'Ben' provides a strong contrast for a more wild, unpolished look.

2022 Portfolio BushmanBen 03.png
2022 Portfolio BushmanBen 02.png


Every part of the logo is designed to be instantly understood as belonging to a workman, but with a modern twist to differentiate Ben to be relatable.
For example, while Ben's sweater pattern illustrates the traditional lumberjack aesthetic, the zipper and minimalist collar relay a contemporary story, especially with the safety vest worn over it.

Portrait Graphic

I have a lot of experience illustrating people and drawing cartoons, so the stylization and personality of the logo were never in doubt. Vectorizing the graphic took time and effort, and helped me gain new skills and insight.

2022 Portfolio BushmanBen 01.png
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