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Ôhôsis Shoe
and Skateboard

Illustration, Typography, Design

For this personal project, I worked with unique materials that allowed me to explore a nostalgic illustrative concept.

Ôhôsis as a project represents what it feels like to be on a skateboard: fast and free, chasing mischief and fun.

2022 Portfolio Shoe & Skateboard 05.png
2022 Portfolio Shoe & Skateboard 06.png

The Illustrations

I drew the pink owls and mice by hand to capture the right pictorial flavour. The lineless art style and pastel colours are a breezy, nostalgic call-back to vintage toys and art.

Meanwhile, the cyberpunk owl and 'net' represent the modern digital world where computers are required in every occupational environment.


2022 Portfolio Shoe & Skateboard 04.png
2022 Portfolio Shoe & Skateboard 02.png

The Text

'Ôhôsis' translates directly to 'little owl' in Plains Cree (Y Dialect). I used Cree syllabics to match the angular illustrations, while the organic illustrations were better matched by the rounded English alphabet.

For this project, the word Ôhôsis represents a brand for young adults with a youthful heart. Owls symbolize wisdom in many global mythologies, yet this owl is still young and playful.

The Feeling

Forgetting responsibility is a key part of play.

The owls, representing wisdom and responsibility, chase the playful mice, perpetually hidden from them on the opposite side of each product.

Why two owls? Perhaps the pink owl is having a bit too much fun chasing it's friendly prey. The cyber-owl, literally made with straight edges that always have a point, is being left behind in the pursuit of mischief and fun.

2022 Portfolio Shoe & Skateboard 01.png
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