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REACH Volunteer Logo

Logo Design

REACH Edmonton is a backbone agency that thrives on collaborating with community partners to develop safety strategies that make Edmonton a safer and more vibrant place to live, work, and play.

For this volunteer project, I created a new logo for  REACH Edmonton's volunteer program.

2022 Portfolio REACH Volunteer Logo 07.png

Meaning and Variations

The logo was required to be energetic and modern while conveying community, connection, and learning. It aims to attract new volunteers, especially young adults. I used a circular pattern depicting a streamlined bird silhouette to represent community, progressive motion, and ascendance. The central star represents guidance and optimism.

NOTE: The "REACH Edmonton" logo was not created by me.

2022 Portfolio REACH Volunteer Logo 03.png
2022 Portfolio REACH Volunteer Logo 02.png

T-Shirt Design

These t-shirts can be worn during promotional events to quickly identify volunteers. They use a secondary version of the logo for use on solid colour.

2022 Portfolio REACH Volunteer Logo 04.png

Social Media Package

Although they only have a Facebook page for now, I created profile and cover photos for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for possible future use.

This cover is currently in use on the
REACH Volunteers Facebook Page.

2022 Portfolio REACH Volunteer Logo 06.png

Business Cards

The client requested business cards for individual members to use that would also have information about REACH as an organization.


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